Strategy field
Hydrogen effects

In the strategy field of hydrogen, interdisciplinary research across all areas of expertise is being carried out to investigate the influences of both production-related and environmental hydrogen input on component strength. In the future, focus on topics in the energy sector will increase. This includes, for example, hydrogen storage in pressure tanks and effects of increasing use of hydrogen in power plants. The hydrogen hazard potentials due to surface treatment processes or possible positive or negative influences of coatings and coating processes are also evaluated.

  • Influence of hydrogen on load-bearing capacity of high-strength components, e.g. screws
    • Manufacturing-related hydrogen (e.g. pickling processes or electroplating)
    • Operation-related hydrogen (e.g. corrosion or compressed hydrogen)
  • Improvement and extension of test methods
    • Step load test, load increase tests
    • Slow strain rate test, slow tensile test
    • Hydrogen permeation measurements, determination of diffusion coefficients of hydrogen in different materials
  • Combination with electrochemical methods
    • Load-simultaneous charging with hydrogen, galvanostatic or potentiostatic
    • Recording of the corrosion current
  • Hydrogen analysis and analysis of hydrogen-related damage
    • Determination of total hydrogen content and diffusible hydrogen, determination of hydrogen effusion profiles
    • Fracture surface analysis
    • Microstructure analysis and hardness measurements